Wednesday, June 24, 2009

St.Vincent and The Grenadines

St.Vincent and The Grenadines are known for their wonderful music, where they are having an anniversary celebration this in June 2009. Music in St.Vincent is pure beats from different genre, to create soca and calypso. There are many ways of getting around in St. Vincent if you are wondering about taking a vacation. The first transportation is the furry boat, which travel by sea to other destination, or one can also take the bus. St. Vincent may be small but it is a wonderful place to enjoy your vacations.

Therefore, if you are around town there are many restaurants to treat yourself, such as outside grilling and indoor dining. The food is amazing from the fresh fish, green banana, rice and peas and seasoned oxtail. The attractions are very similar to many of the other islands in the West Indies such as diving and other adventures at sea. Take a chance and come explore and learn more about St.Vincent and what they have to offer in their cheap accommodations every year